Sustainability at the University of Maryland

$470,000 is available this year!

    October 15th “Priority Deadline”:

    • Open to all faculty, staff, and students
    • Projects seeking funding by the end of the current calendar year must submit proposals by this deadline
    • Proposals requiring more detail or revisions can be resubmitted by the January 15th deadline
    January 15th “Extended Deadline”:

    • Allows students the full fall semester to develop proposals
    • At least 25% of available funds will be reserved for projects submitted by this deadline

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    Sustainability Mini Grants are intended to provide small grants (up to $1,000) to encourage the development or maintenance of projects or programs that improve the sustainability of the UMD campus and/or enhance opportunities for students to learn about sustainability issues. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to apply. The SGA Sustainability Committee will review applications as they are received and applicants will receive a funding decision within 30 days of submitting a complete application. A total of $2,500 is available each semester. Projects requesting more than $1,000 must apply through the University Sustainability Fund.

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    The University Sustainability Fund provides funding for projects that promote environmental sustainability, and positively impact and enhance the student experience at UMD. The Fund will allocate funds to projects that increase the use of renewable energy on campus and/or in the local community, increase the energy efficiency of our facilities, reduce the amount of waste created and material resources used on campus, encourage sustainable behaviors, and integrate sustainability into teaching, research, and service at UMD. The Fund is supported by student fees and administered through a student-majority subcommittee of the University Sustainability Council.

    Watch the following video and read about the grant recipients to learn more about the type of projects that have received funding in the past.

    Who Can Apply for Funds?

    Students, faculty, and staff of the University of Maryland community can apply for funds to support projects that will advance the sustainability of the College Park campus. Students who apply for funds can do so on behalf of a student organization or to fund their own projects, however, a student applicant must have a faculty or staff advisor for his/her project. Follow the guidelines on this website to submit your application.

    Project Criteria

    Click here for project criteria.

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    Project applications will be reviewed by the Student Advisory Subcommittee of the University Sustainability Council. The Student Advisory Subcommittee will submit their recommendations to the full Sustainability Council, which will decide which projects to fund.

    It is highly recommended you contact the Office of Sustainability in advance of the application deadline to talk through your application before you submit it. Projects cannot be funded if they are not supported by essential stakeholders. For instance, you cannot propose to construct a green roof unless you have approval from the facilities group (Facilities Management, Residential Facilities, etc.) that manages that building.

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