Sustainability at the University of Maryland

The University Sustainability Council advises the President, the Office of Sustainability, and the campus community about issues related to the integration of sustainability into campus operations. Campus operations include the physical campus as well as the University’s core missions of teaching, research, and service. To assist the University in implementing its Climate Action Plan, the Council considers the costs and benefit of various carbon reducing expenditures as well as policy activities that support carbon neutrality and sustainability.


Membership in the Council includes faculty, students and staff some of whom are permanent members while others have fixed terms. Members holding fixed terms are eligible for reappointed for one additional term.

Permanent Members

  • Chair – Carlo Colella, Vice President for Administration & Finance
  • Linda Clement, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Cindy Hale, Associate Vice President, Office of the Provost
  • Ann Tonggarwee, Assistant to President
  • Maureen Kotlas, Executive Director, Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability & Risk
  • Scott Lupin, Associate Director, Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability, & Risk and Director, Office of Sustainability
  • Mary Ann Ibeziako, Director of Engineering and Energy, Facilities Management
  • Bryan Quinn, Director of Technical Operation, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • David Cooper, Assistant Director of Operations, Division of IT
  • Cheryl Plainte, Associate Director, University Marketing & Communications

At-Large Appointment

  • Eric Wachsman, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, and Director, Energy Research Center

Faculty (2-year terms)

  • Jelena Srebric, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Dana Fisher, Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Steve Cohan, Professor of Practice, Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

Students (1-year terms)

  • Samantha Bingaman, Undergraduate Student, Environmental Science and Policy
  • Todd McGarvey, Graduate Student, Public Policy


The Council was established to advise the President, the Office of Sustainability, and the campus community about issues related to the integration of sustainability into the operations, the costs and benefits of various carbon reducing expenditures, and policy activities that support carbon neutrality and sustainability. The Council will oversee the University’s mission, as stated in the Strategic Plan, to be "widely recognized as a national model for a Green University" (p. 36) and to be "a university that seeks solutions to the world’s most challenging and vexing problems" (p.3) by recommending long-term sustainability goals and policies for the University and identifying the most cost effective means to achieve them.

The University Sustainability Council will meet quarterly or more frequently, as necessary, to:

  • Monitor implementation of the campus Climate Action Plan, review progress under the plan, and update the plan as needed
  • Develop, review, and recommend draft campus policies and guidelines that further or affect campus sustainability to the President through the Administrative Council
  • Provide cost benefit analysis of energy projects across the university and make recommendations to the Finance Committee
  • Recommend and review campus sustainability goals and program metrics
  • Recommend sustainability projects and initiatives for consideration by the Finance Committee, the Provost’s Office, the V.P. of Research, and other campus units, as appropriate
  • Review proposals and recommend projects to the Finance Committee and Facilities Council, if appropriate, that are to be financed by funds generated from student fees for sustainability considering the counsel of the Student Advisory Subcommittee
  • Recommend standards, policies and practices for sustainability to the Facilities Council for University financed construction and development projects
  • Advise the Office of Sustainability


The University Sustainability Council will create a national model for a sustainable, “green” university.  We envision a university that is at the forefront of research, knowledge, practice, and service on sustainability, thereby creating a resilient community today and for future generations.


  • Committing to sustainability at all levels of the university.
  • Protecting ecosystems upon which civilization depends. 
  • Leading through action to optimize our environmental impact.
  • Making sustainability education and research an enduring priority.
  • Partnering and collaborating with the campus and the community.
  • Sharing best practices and lessons learned to enhance the sustainability of communities near and far.

The Council supports the sustainability goals of UMD’s Strategic Plan and Climate Action Plan and will provide leadership, guidance, and senior level support in the achievement of these goals.

Student Involvement

As part of the Council, a Student Advisory Subcommittee is appointed by the Council Chair from nominations provided by the Senate, the Student Government Association president, the Vice President for Student Affairs, and, in the event that the Graduate Students pay a sustainability fee in the future, the Graduate Student Government president and the Dean of the Graduate School. The Student Advisory Subcommittee is composed of at least three undergraduate students and two nonstudent members of the Council. Additional members may be added by the Council. The chair of the subcommittee is the undergraduate student representative on the Sustainability Council. The Student Advisory Subcommittee reviews proposals for funding by the sustainability student fee and make recommendations for funding to the Council.