Sustainability at the University of Maryland

Sustainability Studies Minor

What is it?

An all-campus minor, open to all undergraduate students, sponsored by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the School of Public Policy.

Why should I consider completing it?

It will complement any major on campus and provide both intellectual breadth and depth in a challenging new area of inquiry that is gaining a high level of interest in businesses, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. A minor in Sustainability Studies and a major in a discipline will provide excellent thinking and problem-solving skills for you as a citizen, employee, or graduate student. The minor is ideal for sophomores and juniors, but open to students at any credit-level.

What is required?

15 credits of course work; 6 of which may double-count for your major and one of which may be an internship, research, or study abroad experience.

When and where can I sign up?

For more information about the minor, including instructions for enrolling, visit