Sustainability at the University of Maryland

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  • Lights Out. If you are the last person to leave a classroom (particularly late in the day), please turn off the lights and shut any open windows. While a number of classrooms on campus are equipped with motion sensors, many are not and if your class is the last one of the day, the classroom lights will likely stay on all night. Please help us be energywi$e!
  • Post this Energywi$e flyer in your dorm reminding people to Flip the Switch
  • Ask Your Professors about Sustainability. Sustainability is about finding new ways for our society to operate to reach the goals of environmental, economic, and social justice for the health and security of our generation and generations to come. Because of the breadth of these issues, every academic discipline must be engaged in reshaping many aspects of our communities. In your classes, take the opportunity to ask your professors how their work relates to sustainability. Consider how the lessons you learn relate to the challenges associated with having a growing population on a planet with finite resources.
  • Take Sustainability Electives. Think about how you can address sustainability in your discipline and take electives that will strengthen your understanding of sustainability issues.
  • Submit Your Green Ideas. Many people have ideas to make the campus more sustainable. Some of the ideas may be new. Submit your ideas to the Office of Sustainability.


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