Sustainability at the University of Maryland

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Dining (On and Off Campus)

In the Dining Hall

  • Do Not Use Disposables. Always use a ceramic plate, glass, and silverware when dining in. There are times when polystyrene containers are the only options. You might consider bringing your own reusable container to the dining halls instead.
  • Take Only What You Will Eat. This is an easy way of reducing consumption and saving some money!
  • Eat Less Meat. The average American eats enough meat to get the amount of protein recommended for Olympic athletes. A meat intensive diet is hard on the environment because livestock require lots of land area and resources to grow. Many large livestock operations also release harmful pollutants to our waterways. Locally, these pollutants are having a detrimental effect on the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Eat Healthier. For your own sustainability, eat well balanced meals. If everything on your plate is the same fried-food brown, then you need to make a change.

Other On-Campus Dining

  • The Co-Op. The Maryland Food Cooperative, located in the basement of Stamp Student Union, serves wonderful organic food—some of which is locally grown—for very reasonable prices.
  • Student Union Fast Food. Some of the fast food options in the Union have paper plates for customers who are dining in. Although the plates are disposable, they are a better option than the polystyrene take-out containers you will otherwise get. Also, if you don’t need a bag to carry your food, tell them so. Only take what you need.
  • Eat More Ice Cream! The ice cream at The Dairy in the Visitor Center is made right here on campus. It might not be the healthiest food option, but at least it didn’t travel thousands of miles to get to you.

Off-Campus Dining

  • Practice the same rules: Do not use disposables, take only what you will eat, eat less meat, and eat healthier.
  • "For Here." When given the option "for here or to go," reduce unnecessary waste by dining-in.

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